Herbold Granulator Blades

UK manufactured blades for the full range of Herbold granulators.

Specialist granulator blades for Herbold machines

Ensure your Herbold granulator operates at full capacity with A. F. Whiteley granulator blades.

A. F. Whiteley supply high quality, UK-manufactured blades for the full range of Herbold machines.

Our blades have helped our customers extend production run times, cut maintenance bills and expensive downtime, and cut through even the most challenging materials – including contaminated or corrosive feedstocks. 

 Our blades are manufactured only using the highest quality, fully traceable European steel available, and our factory is ISO9001 accredited, the internationally recognised standard in quality assurance. 

We have an extensive database of drawings for Herbold machines. Browse the list below to find your machine.  If you don’t know the model number of the machine, or your machine is not listed below, then we are still able to help. Please call 0114 244 0527 and have as many details as possible about the blades as possible. Eg: bevel type, number of slots, holes, length, width, thickness.

Alternatively you can fill out our online form or email sales@whiteley-knives.co.uk

Our range of Herbold blades

We hold drawings for the following series of Herbold granulator machines.

30/30SM 30/50 30/80
35/42 45/100 60/100
80/100 45/100 P BREAKER 45/30
45/30 P BREAKER 45/60 80/120
45/60 45/80 80/160
450/1000 4560 60/100
60/145 60/60 600/1000
80/200 770 SMP 60/100
WEDGE SML 20/20 5189
SML 35/42 GS 300/200 KG16/15
TG16/15 PS 5/10 PS 3
PS 4-2 SML 30/30 SMS 45/60
SML 35/72 SMS 60/100 SML 22/30
PS 8 9 SML 22/30 CS 300/600
CS 400/600 CML 45/70 SM 80/70
SM 80/40 SM 120/70 SMS 45/80
SAS 45/100 KG 80/45 14/56
SMP 40/70 CS 800/1000 SMP 40/70
SMS 30/50 SM 56/100 SML 60/145
SML 30/80 SMS 30/80 SM 450/800
SMR 60/80 SMS 45 100 CS 300/1000
S 60/100 CS 500/1000 SMS 80 120
SMS 60 100 SMS 80 120
If your Herbold machine is not listed above we can still manufacture blades from a sample, description or a drawing. Please call 0114 244 0527 with as many details as possible.

If your Herbold machine isn't listed above

If your machine isn't in our drawing database we can still manufacture from a sample or technical description, or if you are able to supply your own drawing.
As a specialist granulator blade manufacturer, we have the capability to develop bespoke products to suit all applications.

Call Jon Davies on 0114 244 0527 extension 19 for a friendly discussion about your granulator blade requirements.

Looking for a custom blade?

We can manufacture bespoke blades to suit all applications - including granulating contaminated or corrosive feedstocks.