The Product Range

A F Whiteley manufacture every blade in the UK – at our Sheffield factory.

Combining the latest  technology, high quality materials and skilled staff with decades of experience, A F Whiteley produce world-leading blades for the plastics and recycling industries.

Blades are normally available ex-stock for most popular machines including:

  • Alpine
  • Amacoil
  • Blackfriars
  • CMB
  • Colortronic
  • Condux
  • Cumberland
  • Dreher
  • Durl
  • Falzoni
  • Herbold
  • Leesona
  • Mateu Sole
  • Moretto
  • Palmann
  • Piovan
  • Polymer
  • Previero
  • Rapid
  • Tria
  • USI
  • Zerma etc.


Granulator Blades and Industrial Knives - A F Whiteley - UK Manufacturers of premium quality granulator blades

A F Whiteley Granulator Blades are manufactured in a variety of materials.

Our extensive experience enables us to offer the optimum blade material to suit any particular application.

Solid Steel Knives
Knives may be manufactured from a variety of solid steels, including high carbon/high chrome tool steels, stainless, high speed and carbon steels. They are normally heat treated, creating knives which combine extreme hardness with excellent resistance to abrasion.

Alloy Tipped Knives
Tipped knives consist of an alloy cutting edge deposited on a resilient steel base. These knives are essentially shatterproof, making them particularly suited to applications where contamination of the processed material may occur. This greatly reduces the risk of severe machine damage. In addition, minor damage can normally be cost effectively repaired and re-machined, so extending the working life of the knife. Corrosive applications can also be tackled by the use of special corrosion resistant alloys, deposited on a stainless steel base.

Composite Knives
Composite knives consist of a wear resistant material set into a steel base carrier. These knives provide for an accurate cutting edge with a resilient base at relatively low cost. Cutting edge materials available include hardened tool steels and tungsten carbide.

Wood Chippers
We cover a wide range of wood chipper blades.

Please contact us for further information.

We are happy to manufacture bespoke knives to individual requirements. 

If you have a granulator blade problem, we’ll help you solve it.

Our team of granulator blade experts can help design bespoke blades to your exact specification.

To discuss your requirements or request a free site visit, please call +44 (0)114 244 0527 or email