Fernite of Sheffield - an ISO9001 Certified Company

A. F. Whiteley is a division of Fernite of Sheffield Ltd, an ISO9001:2015 certified company.

Every A. F. Whiteley blade is manufactured in our Sheffield factory from fully traceable material and all grinding operations are carried out in accordance with ISO9001.

Fernite of Sheffield ISO9001 Certificate

Fernite is certified as meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2015 in the following:

  • Steel Stockists (including steel and brass shimstock).
  • Manufacture of machine knives, doctor blades, granulator blades, shims, slideways, feeler gauges.
  • Processing of steel coil.
  • Shearing, slitting, laser cutting, machining , heat treatment.
  • Grinding of customer supplied product.


Expertise and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We're a trusted partner with ISO9001:2015 certification, an expert team and 40 years of market-leading product development.