Shredder Knives

Shredder Blocks and Shredder Dead Knives

Industrial shredders require durable and effective knives in order to operate – and A F Whiteley’s shredder knives have been proven to last longer.

Our advanced manufacturing methods can produce knives which last twice as long as cast steel blades – and a range of profiles are available to ensure your machines work at their optimum efficiency. 

Longer life, more production

We specialise in improving the performance of your recycling machinery. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in achieving the results you need from your shredders, we can help.

With access to the world’s finest steels, an expert production team and the very latest advanced manufacturing technology, A F Whiteley can produce blades which meet your exact requirements. 

We’re an award-winning UK manufacturer, and we’re proud that every A. F. Whiteley blade is made in Sheffield.  

Our Sheffield factory is ISO9001 certified, the internationally recognised sign of quality management. 

Working with A. F. Whiteley means you can benefit from decades of expertise, the latest production technology and the best materials available.

As well as offering an extensive range of products, we also offer a telephone advice service to help you choose the right solution for your business. 

For all enquiries please call us on 0114 244 0527 or email

Shredder Dead Knife Manufactured by A F Whiteley

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Shredder blocks - made in the UK from high quality steel

Granulator Blades to suit all applications

Whether you require a set of standard blades or tipped blades for enhanced performance and longevity, we offer quality in every product.

We offer our range of blades in high quality D2 tool steel, or with a unique tough tip, ideal where long blade life is required, or for tackling corrosive or contaminated feedstocks.

Not sure which blade type you need? Give our friendly, expert team a call on 0114 244 0527 and we’ll be able to help you find the right blade for your application.