Tough Tipped Granulator Blades

Tough Tipped blades – unique granulator blades for exceptional performance and durability

A. F. Whiteley’s Tough Tipped blades are uniquely engineered to deliver outstanding cutting performance.Tough tipped granulator blades are manufactured using our unique deposition technique for shatter, corrosion and abrasion resistance and extended blade life.

Tough Tipped blades are particularly suited to challenging applications, including where the feedstock has been contaminated.

Each tipped blade is specified for your application.

Less downtime, more production

Our unique deposition technique and high quality material ensures exceptional durability, resulting in substantial long-term savings and significant benefits:

  • Shatter, corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Long blade life
  • Less downtime and more production
  • Reduced risk of machine damage

Find out how Tough Tipped blades can benefit your business.

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A. F. Whiteley tough tipped blades extend blade life and improve cutting performance, especially when faced with a difficult feedstock.

"The tipped blades have increased our production run and reduced the number of times we change the blades"

Tough-tipped blade customer